Here Is Why You Need a Premium Domain Name

Here Is Why You Need a Premium Domain Name

Welcome to the virtual world. But wait, do you have a domain name? The ticket or passport to the online marketplace is a website. It is the address of where people can find you. Like in the normal settings, your rank in the online arena rely on the kind of domain you own. The type determines the size of traffic you will draw to your site and how easy will people find you. As you start out, it is essential to consider a premium domain name.

A premium domain is one directly linked to what you do. For instance, if you sell fruits, your domain can be Unfortunately, you might find such domains already taken. So, should you find an alternative or purchase it from the current owner? To answer you, here are some reasons why you should go for premium domain names:

SEO optimization benefits

While it is true that Google no longer considers your domain in ranking your site, a website with a keyword as part of it will still enjoy some benefits. When a visitor logs on to the search engine, they will key in the keyword ‘fruits’ or even ‘’ as such, regardless of the said ranking rules, a website carrying that domain name will appear at the top of search results. Who would hate such an experience? Also, if you invested your time and money in developing your brand, it won’t be a bad idea to invest extra coins in a premium domain name.

Saves on cost and earn high returns in the long run

 Here is the deal.  As a startup, you can decide to incur some extra cost on your domain name or struggle with your teething problems for a longer period. A premium domain name is like a long-term investment with immediate returns. For you to own it, you might have to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars as the initial cost. However, the renewal prices fall back to normal in the following years. In the long run, you continue making more profit which enhances your growth rate about owning a normal domain name. As such, you will get same on branding costs in future.

With this information, you can see why it makes sense to have a premium domain name. You will enjoy an easy ride to the top position on search engines – but of course, your site must have relevant and high-quality content.

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