Role of Domain Names in the Success of your Business

People tend to think branding only includes symbols and logos. What if we told you that your domain name is also a part of your branding? Why else do you think so many companies invest time to search for domain name ideas?

In today’s world, online presence is everything. A domain name can decide whether your business will be successful or not. Think about it. You used a web hosting site. You took help from domains name generator. However, the domain name you chose was too hard for your customers to remember it. Now, even if they were interested in your product, or service, there is a chance they won’t be able to find your cloud hosting based site. How would you then be able to convert them into customers?

This is why you should do the following to ensure that your domain name is impactful.

Opt for .com domains extension

If someone doesn’t tell you their full website, you almost always assume it to end in .com. This is the power of extension. Since it has been present since forever, people translate .com as a measure of credibility of your site. Now, different types of domain names are available. You can find extensions like .info, .business, etc.

Don’t use such extensions. If you have to pay a high price for premium domains of .com, do it. Trust us that it will be worth the investment. This is because it will ensure that your customers view your site with trust. Therefore, use gTLD names.

What is gTLD name?

If you are accustomed to the lingo of domains, you might have heard of GTLD. This term refers to Generic top-level domains (TLD).  GTLDs include those domains that end with .com, .org, .net, .edu, .gov or .mil. Getting a gTLD name is not easy. A simple search on Domain Whois will show that most GTLDs are already taken.

Try to add keywords

Just like branding extends to domain names, so does SEO. If you have relevant keywords as part of your domain name, the chances of potential customers finding your site are high. This makes the high prices domains have worth it.

However, you must exercise caution when using keywords in domains. The use of the keyword must be sensible and should not seem forced. If it does, customers won’t be able to understand your positioning and hence will not be motivated to use your service.

Be original

It doesn’t matter if you use a free web hosting service to establish your website, like Shopify, your customers won’t gauge you over it if you are original. If you think that adding keywords will harm your business, you can do the opposite and use original words. There are a lot of theories about what the name of the brand, and hence the domain should be.

While some say that businesses should go for simple names, others believe that unique names sell. Take Apple or Google for example. The names have nothing to do with the business nor is it a relevant keyword. Originality, when thought through, can lead to success. Also, domain name registration of original words is generally cheaper and easy to get.


There are various Canadian Cloud Web Hosting Best companies that will provide you with cheap web hosting. You can also choose USA web hosting if you wish to value-added features. Just make sure that you accompany your web hosting with an original domain name. Once you do so, your business will be good to go.

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